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YPS go green with sustainable shrink film

Shrink wrapping specialists Yorkshire Packaging Systems are pleased to unveil their sustainable ‘B-Nat’ shrink film.

This unique, specialist film has been designed in conjunction with leading manufacturer Bollore, to meet the demands of an increasingly environmentally-conscious market. The film consists of a polyethylene produced from more than 46 percent renewable sugarcane ethanol, ensuring a reduced dependency on fossil fuels and superior water efficiency. B-NAT captures more CO2 in its lifetime than its soybean and corn counterparts. Its cultivation does not occur on arable land, meaning it doesn’t impact on food production areas. B-NAT is fully recyclable to LDPE 04 and has OPRL approval to display the symbol ‘Recycle at larger stores- check locally kerbside’, offering total clarity for consumers. Unlike other alternatives, B-NAT shrink film does not incur any efficiency penalty. It offers improved aesthetics and optics for enhanced shelf-attractiveness, with no compromise on cohesion strength for multi-packing applications. Whether on a manual or high-speed machine, there is no disparity. B-NAT is available in flat or centre-folded in multiple widths and thicknesses. There is also the option for a printed variation.

For more information, call: 01924 441355, email: info@yps.co.uk, or visit
their website: www.yps.co.uk

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