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Working together for sustainability

160701 Partner1Partner Logistics is recognised within the frozen food industry for operating state-of-the-art cold storage warehouses in the UK and mainland Europe.
However, with a scattered landscape of logistics providers across Europe and in response to its customers’ changing requirements, the company has chosen to evolve into a fully integrated logistics provider, proactively servicing the whole frozen food supply chain.
As part of the expansion to the service portfolio, and reflecting its strapline of ‘together we deliver’, Partner Logistics is collaborating with established transport partners and multi-modal distribution specialists to offer end-to-end integrated distribution alongside its primary cold storage and additional value-added services. By doing this the company believes it is helping its customers to achieve a more sustainable supply chain.

Building relationships
The frozen food market has changed significantly over the past few years and, with increased consumer demand, shorter lead times and the pressure to reduce energy emissions, traditional linear supply chains have found they are no longer able to meet today’s 24/7 requirements.
Adaptable and flexible supply chain networks with a strong emphasis on collaboration are leading the way and Partner Logistics has embraced this in order to reap the benefits, which include reduced CO2 emissions, better efficiency and lower operating costs.
Collaboration with clients and logistics partners in the supply chain gives a real competitive advantage and provides more flexibility to invest in projects which will save money and improve performance.


Having a sustainable supply chain is no longer an optional extra but is imperative to the success of our customers’ business.
That is why the company has designed and built its frozen storage facilities in the UK and mainland Europe with energy conservation at the forefront. The warehouses are up to 10 times larger than conventional cold store warehouses leading to a much higher volume to surface area ratio’ which considerably reduces the overall energy consumption per pallet stored. Furthermore, because the sites are situated in logistically optimised locations, they enable Partner’s customers to store their products in one consolidated location which significantly reduces food miles and CO2 emissions in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream.
Partner Logistics consistently looks for innovative ways in which it can help its customers meet their sustainability targets. This includes projects such as utilising double-stack pallet shipments and replacing existing lighting with the latest energy-saving lighting technology.

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Looking forward
Demand for frozen food is increasing significantly across Europe and this will affect the way in which the supply chain operates in the future. However, Partner Logistics is already proving that, by focusing on supply chain collaboration and proactively participating in energy saving initiatives, it has the flexibility and adaptability to take on these challenges and have a bigger role within the supply chain.

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