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Woman unveils Cadbury chocolate memorabilia hoard

Gill Cocks

Some folk collect coins or stamps as a hobby. Others accrue barbie dolls, badges or perhaps even board games. When sweet toothed Gill Cocks recently stepped out of the shadows and went public with her life-long passion, it sent Mondelez International’s team of archivists into a frenzy. For 40 years, the Gloucester based resident has religiously hoarded all things Cadbury. Her 5,000 keepsakes range from the extremely old and rare, such as a Richard Tapper Cadbury’s bible from the 1800s to pre-war packaging, tins, boxes, mugs, enamel advertising signs – and even
a large churn.

Cadbury archivist Sarah Foden said she hadn’t been “quite prepared” to encounter such an extraordinary and extensive collection, adding: “It’s certainly the most impressive I’ve ever come across.” Coming forward with her memorabilia has been a win-win for Mrs Cocks. Not only has she freed up her entire loft, she’s soon to be the proud, guest of honour at Cadbury World where her treasure-trove is to be formally unveiled as the ‘The Gill Cocks Collection’. 

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