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Wins galore for RAP

FP RAP WebMain1RAP, producer of food-to-go packaging had received a number of recent high profile award wins. This saw its HotRap™ solution pick up a Gold Excellence Award at Pro2Pac and its receipt of Best Unique Packaging Solution in the Café Quality Food and Drink Awards.  


In a market first, HotRap™ provided an ‘end-to-end’ solution, taking food from manufacture to oven to display and finally to the consumer, using a single piece of packaging. Microwavable and ovenable up to 200°C, the versatile and multifunctional packaging system improves both supplier and customer convenience. It is perfect for hot food-to-go items, store cook off for bread and pastry-based products and food that’s on-shelf and in fridges or freezers, for cook off by customers. 

FP RAP WebMain2Combining lightweight paper and film, HotRap™ features a perforated tab on the front face to moderate the temperature and moisture of the contents, in turn allowing consumers to clearly view the product on display. Thanks to the ergonomic design, it’s simple to hold, open and consume hot food on the move. The pack has been specifically designed for ease of use on standard flow wrap lines with only slight modification.


RAP has also been a finalist for a raft of other awards. These include ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the UK Packaging Awards 2015 for BagRap™ and ‘New Sandwich Product of the Year’ at the Sammies for the Modified Atmosphere (MA) Carton Wedge™.


As the world’s first hermetically sealed carton food wedge, the MA packaging solution provides the absolute ultimate in terms of sealing in freshness as it achieves a residual 02 of less than 5% inside the packaging to extend the life of the product. As an example, a carton dayfresh sandwich wedge and freshpack carton sandwich wedge (non hermetic) only have a maximum P plus 3-4 days shelf life.  In comparison the MA Carton Sandwich Wedge will, as a minimum, double this and depending on ingredients in the chill chain extend shelf life up to 28 days.

RAP CEO Graham Williams said: “Over the last 12 months we’ve invested heavily to develop new features that add value for both brands and consumers by transforming product performance, reducing packaging costs and extending shelf life. The end result is tried and tested solutions that are not only award-winning, but also continue to push boundaries and deliver a significant transformation for some of Europe’s most well-known retailers, coffee shops and food-to-go outlets.”

Founder of RAP, Julian Money, said: 

“Food consumption markets continue to change at pace, enabling us to continue in our mission of challenging industry and consumer perceptions of what’s possible in packaging.”


Further award success is expected throughout 2016 following the launch of MultiRap™. This sustainable and ergonomic pack is ideal for any meal at any time of day. With a 7.5” x 7.5” square design, it is suitable for both hot and chilled food items such as burgers, toasties, bagels, breakfast rolls, pizza, fries, doughnuts and other sweets. The pack combines a grease resistant bag with wrap-around cartonboard to prevent leakage, retain heat and enable easier handling for hot food, so products can be served quicker. Designed with the consumer in mind, MultiRap™ also benefits from a tear-off perforated strip to minimise contamination and make food easier to consume on the move.

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