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‘When nature gave us lemons we made lemonade!’

The brains behind drinks manufacturer, We Made Drinks, made the company’s first batch of lemonade whilst at university, after being set the task of starting a business for one of their modules. The company’s first batch of 160 bottles was a huge hit and sold out in just a few hours. The zesty lemonade received some great feedback, so it was felt there was only one option after university granduation: To continue making the lemonade. A lot has happened since then.
‘We Made’ currently offers two flavours of non carbonated drinks, its zesty ‘Lemonade’ and its juicy ‘Raspberry & Lemon’. Unlike many other drinks today, the company’s drinks are genuinely and refreshingly fruity and are made with no artificial flavours, additives, preservatives or refined sugar. They contain NFC fruit juice, fruit extract and Stevia, a natural sweetener, helping to reduce the sugar content but keeping the great taste.
The newly styled drinks launched just over a month ago. Since then, We Made Drinks has been selling to a number of cafes, pubs, restaurants and wine bars in the South East.
It has plans for further flavours, with recipes for two new flavours completed and ready to go.
Through its ‘Make It Big’ scheme, the manufacturer aim to help other start ups by sharing our advice and supporting at events that help new and existing businesses and ideas grow.

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