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OEEsystems International are leading the way in progressive manufacturing

For more than 20 years, OEEsystems International, a global leader in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Operational Excellence, has focused tirelessly on empowering manufacturers to increase capacity, reduce costs and drive continuous improvement.
With installations from Seattle to Shanghai, the company has gone from strength to strength assisting customers, from numerous industry sectors by identifying improvements and cost savings within their existing business operations and practices. Together with the 10 proven principles contained within their methodology, The Science of Manufacturing, OEEsystems International have expertly combined technical innovation with a focus on people and culture to deliver successful Continuous Improvement Programs.
Arthur Stone, CEO, said: “To succeed, manufacturing managers need to be able to analyse performance, identify real opportunities and produce tangible business performance excellence. In most cases however, manufacturers are ill-equipped with very basic, ineffective tools – but we’ve developed a solution that actually works.”

The solution is PerformOEE™, a Smart Factory OEE Software application. Earlier this year OEEsystems International announced the official launch of PerformOEE™ Smart Factory Edition, the latest version of their OEE Software. As a fully automated, accurate, real-time data collection software solution, PerformOEE™ SFE delivers powerful visualisation, analysis and real-time control of manufacturing processes.
Through implementing PerformOEE™, OEEsystems International have helped numerous manufacturers improve and grow their business operations. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis manufacturers are striving to respond to a changing landscape. Many are facing increased demand for their products or recovery from temporary disruptions or adjustments to their operations. With years of experience and a depth of expertise within the Manufacturing Sector, OEEsystems International are perfectly poised to help address their key operational challenges.
“The response of manufacturers during this crisis has been phenomenal”, adds the company’s Operations Director Andrew Rice. “We have witnessed many who have altered their regular production schedules to cater for increased production of critical care products, PPE, and even hand sanitiser. What we would say to these companies is that PerformOEE™ is the best tool available to them right now to ensure they meet their production goals.” PerformOEE™ has an impressive track record across a variety of industries from Food & Beverage to Medtech, Pharma, Automotive, Electronics and Packaging. With more than 50 customers from around the globe, PerformOEE™ has helped these companies not only increase their overall OEE Score by 10 per cent within the first few months of implementation, but also decrease unplanned downtime and production losses by 15 per cent on average. PerformOEE™ enables its users to make positive impacts on their business by releasing the potential that already exists within their present resources.
Offering users unparalleled accessibility, PerformOEE™ is a browser based application. Production data can be viewed either in the office or from home on any device.

This allows managers & supervisors to access live production performance easily no matter where they are. All information is presented in real-time, enabling solid business decisions to be made and implemented quickly. The system also offers real-time performance alerts and scheduled email reporting direct to your inbox. According to Arthur Stone this accessibility is what sets PerformOEE™ apart, “Our system gives plant wide accurate and detailed visibility of every machine, every cell, every line no matter whether you are on or off-site, that visual-flexibility is how PerformOEE™ achieves sustainable business improvements.”
OEEsystems International have a dedicated team of professionals ready to guide you on every step of your OEE journey. From project scoping and management through to implementation and ongoing customer support, OEEsystems International offer their customers a fully digital solution. Many PerformOEE™ installations have been and will continue to be implemented remotely, a real, practical advantage amid the current crisis. Scoping, configuration and training sessions can be carried out via video conference with extensive supporting documentation available and a Support Team never more than a phone call away.

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