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Personalised labels means unique products

LX500e is Primera’s smallest and most affordable desktop colour label and tag printer. It’s the perfect choice for printing on-demand personalised product labels, coupons or vouchers. LX500e features the latest inkjet technology, which uses only one colour cartridge with integrated print head realising photo-realistic printouts. The high-yield tri-colour cartridge simplifies operation, on-going maintenance and inventory management. A product version with built-in guillotine cutter, called LX500ec, can cut die-cut, reflective and continuous label stock and offers several cut options.


Primera’s LX500e Color Label Printer is the perfect solution for start-ups, small businesses and also for printing personalised labels directly in (retail) stores. With its footprint of just 26.4 x 38.9cm and a height of only 18cm high (when the printer is closed) the LX500e meets the requirement for a compact solution suitable to place at any point of sale. The need for on-demand label printing solutions in retail stores is high as customers are more and more looking for unique and customised products – a market development that encompasses many industries including food, drinks, clothes and cosmetics. LX500e is the perfect hardware for such in-store kiosk solution to produce personalised product labels directly at each point-of-sale. To print vouchers or coupons for POS applications common cashier paper can be used.

Ordering massive quantities of pre-printed labels is no longer needed, there’s no lead time and no set-up charges, either. Design changes can be accomplished immediately so there’s no wasted inventory, as only the labels are printed that are needed. Primera’s UK distributor KTEC GROUP will show the LX500e at stand H6 of the upcoming Label & Print, taking place at the NEC Birmingham, February 28th to March 1st.

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