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Traceability means trust

Markem-Imaje is a leading global supplier of consolidated coding solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands

Traceability is a growing expectation from governments and consumers. And, in a time when scandals can go viral, recalls must be handled quickly to minimise brand damage.

However, with profit margins under pressure, meeting traceability requirements cost-effectively is key. Codes on consumer units, cases and pallets follow products though the supply chain. Properly tracked and of a sufficient quality to ensure legibility and accuracy, they enhance traceability and thus safety. Many types of coding software, hardware and consumables exist to address different situations and needs, so it is important to pick the right combination. Here, we share a case study of how one manufacturer has achieved a good balance between cost and traceability by consolidating all of its coding needs through one supplier.

The situation
Sanpellegrino group (Nestlé Waters group) is an Italian leader in mineral waters, soft drinks, non-alcoholic aperitifs and iced teas. It exports to 150 countries worldwide and produces billions of bottles per year.
It sought a coding solution which could address the vast range of packaging material used for its products: PET, glass, paper and aluminium for primary consumer units, as well as a secondary and tertiary packaging labelling solution for its cartons and pallets.
Sanpellegrino also needed to achieve clarity, precision, perfect quality and legible messages at a high output speed of up to 60,000 bottles per hour while ensuring seamless communication with its back-office systems.

The solution
“We were able to understand Sanpellegrino’s most important needs and find the best integrated solution,” said Guido Torriglia, Sales Area Manager at Markem-Imaje.
SmartLase C350S laser coders deliver high speed, precision coding on mineral water bottle labels, while 9450 S inkjet printers and associated inks cover Sanbitter can and pack coding at high production rates. Markem-Imaje even developed a special ink capable of marking on cans and bottles with condensation.
Carton and pallet coding is done via 2200 Flex SE print and apply (P&A) systems. This is the world’s first P&A system which can print on adjacent sides of packaging, as recommended for GS1-128 barcodes, without major disruption or extra costs to existing lines. A rise in pallet-splitting, greater automation and high-profile recalls is driving demand from grocery, foodservice and healthcare companies for GS1-128 barcodes. These barcodes streamline traceability given the extra information they can encode. All Markem-Imaje equipment has been supplied with a traceability software solution that is perfectly integrated with Sanpellegrino’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This gives the company reliable and accurate product visibility.

The innovative SMILE operating lease program is also seen as an advantage by Sanpellegrino. With fixed predetermined instalments, the program ensures management of all consumables giving the manufacturer peace of mind that it will always have the most suitable type of ink on hand to meet production requirements.
Additionally, Sanpellegrino can count on continuous customer service which includes, through the exchange service, the replacement of parts within 24 hours and the replacement of the equipment as soon as it reaches a predetermined number of working hours. Finally, it benefits from continuous technical advice. When Sanpellegrino’s marketing department asks for new products and innovative processes, Markem-Imaje is always there to help find the most appropriate technological solution.


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