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Three more filling machines for Thai state dairy


In Thailand, the state-run dairy group, Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO), is expanding its production capacity. At the Muaklek production plant, DPO’s biggest milk-processing plant, three CFA 124 high-speed filling machines from SIG Combibloc have now been put into production. Each individual machine can aseptically fill up to 24,000 carton packs per hour. In a first step, these machines will be used to fill ‘Thai-Danish’ branded milk products in combiblocMini 125 ml and 200 ml carton packs. With the commissioning of these filling machines, DPO and SIG Combibloc are continuing the partnership which began in 2004. At the beginning of the 20th century, farmers first started keeping dairy cows in Thailand. The Thai dairy industry advanced rapidly with the setting-up of the ‘Thai Danish Farm and Training Centre (TDDF)’ in Muaklek. In 1971, this organisation was taken over by the Thai government, and has since operated as the DPO.

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