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Three easy steps to waste management

160118 compactbaleSpecialist waste management company Compact and Bale Ltd is seeking to help companies identify and harvest the value of their waste which it says, if dealt with correctly, can become free money given to them by their suppliers.

The company handles the collection, treatment and recycling of waste materials as well being the UK agent for compaction machinery from Strautmann, Gillard, L&M, KBM and Packmat. It aims to provide low cost commercial waste collection services from wheelie bins and skips to on-site compactors and baled loads and services many shopping centres, logistics companies, warehouses, retailers, offices, chains, food companies, factories and more across the UK.

By recommending the best waste management services and recycling options for organisations, it aims to help increase recycling rates, save transport costs, maximise revenues and improve operations.

Denise Wilton, Managing Director at Compact & Bale explained the company’s three-step process to good waste management;


Step 1. Before


Draw a waste map, then “divide to multiply” (break down how you handle waste into the little steps to get a better overall outcome) and write a waste manual. This will be the key to rolling out a new waste system and will identify any big wins, focus efforts and start yielding results.


Step 2. During 
Use intelligent compaction equipment, together with bins, skips and containers to present your materials in the most valuable, least expensive and most efficient format for collection. Compact & Bale will calculate exact waste volumes and types.


Step 3. After 
Every month the company collects more than 1,500 tonne of all types of waste and recycling, from general waste and baled materials to WEEE waste and metals. Where possible, purchase rebates are indexed monthly in arrears to published market indices so companies can be confident that they are receiving the best payment rates for materials.


One example of a company helped by Compact & Bale is Cannon Packing and Logistics, which bales more than20 tonnes of cardboard per month. The enormous amount of loose boxes were being double handled and the process would take 10-15 minutes per pallet box. Compact & Bale conducted a thorough waste audit at Cannon which identified that it was labour intensive with its existing Kenburn vertical baler. Compact & Bale installed an AutoLoadBaler, which has a small footprint and lower cost than a horizontal semi-automatic baler. The waste team can now continue without incurring overtime costs on baling.


Cannon Director Greg Alder said: “The AutoLoadBaler has really helped streamline our operation. It is a unique machine that has saved us 15 man-hours per week since it was installed, which will mean 800 hours and £8,000 saved per year. With the saving in labour costs and the depreciation draw down on the machine, it will have achieved payback in two years.”


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