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The sweet connection provided with SpiralVeyors

A German producer of many of the chocolate-based sweets, we have learned to love over the past 100 years, needed to transport cartons containing the candy down with the minimum amount of transfers possible. When rearranging parts of the line, one of the main challenges is figuring out how to connect the current machines with the new solutions as efficiently as possible. In this particular case, the existing conveyor that would feed the elevator with products was too short to connect to it directly. This meant the company needed to install two curved conveyors and two straight parts just to bridge the gap. Not only did this mean adding four unwanted transfers, but also adding extra controls and maintenance, increasing costs significantly. AmbaFlex has the perfect solution to connect its SpiralVeyors to machines which are outside of the range of conventional options, called the SpiralConnect. This feature is available for most Ambaflex SpiralVeyors and can extend both infeed and outfeed tracks to the next machine in the line without adding transfers. This is done by seamlessly incorporating AmbaVeyor technology into the existing spiral belt. Because of the flexible nature of the slat technology, the added conveyor belt length can be stretched in any three-dimensional direction for many meters at a time.

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