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The role & range of prescription safety eyewear

There are many roles in the FMCG industry that require protective
eyewear and many aspects to consider when selecting the right type, in addition to making sure it provides adequate protection.

Safety eyewear does not have to mean goggles. For low-impact situations, more subtle plastic or metal safety glasses can be worn. While these are becoming more widely used, there is one group of employees who are missing out: those with prescription requirements. It is still common to see people having to wear goggles over their spectacles. Indeed, our research shows that 55% of employees who wear prescription glasses and are required to wear safety eyewear, are provided with over-goggles.
Wearing goggles over glasses can impact the quality of vision. This option is also awkward, with two sets of appliances feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Prescription safety glasses are the solution. Comfort and fit can be underestimated when it comes to safety eyewear, but research has shown time and again that if it is not comfortable to wear, then employees are more likely to remove it, putting their sight at risk. With today’s range of styles there is, however, no excuse.

Prescription safety glasses are available in male, female and unisex designs, providing a variety of fits that will ensure every wearer is comfortable. Aesthetics are also perhaps surprisingly important, with many employees not keen on clunky old-fashioned looks that can be associated with safety glasses. The newest ranges, however, include sporty wraparound-style glasses and fashionable brand names, in a variety of colours. Prescription safety glasses do not need to be expensive. They can be purchased in the same way as many employers provide DSE eye care and glasses for screen users – buying simple eVouchers for its provision, as and when required.

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