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The clear benefits of glass packaging

It’s been around for thousands of years, and glass is still one of the best packaging materials to choose when it comes to protecting your product and making your brand stand out on the shelf. Glass boasts environmental credentials that are the envy of other materials. Endlessly recyclable without any loss of quality or purity, glass requires fewer raw materials in its manufacture than plastic or aluminium, for example.

Beatson Clark glass bottle

At Beatson Clark, domestic and commercial waste is recycled through the on-site recycling plant and the waste glass is used to make new products – the amber glass contains 40 percent cullet (recycled glass) on average while the white flint glass contains 28 percent cullet.

Glass has a long track record as a safe, healthy and reliable packaging material – after all, people all over the world have been storing food and drink in glass containers for thousands of years. The fact that glass is inert means that nothing can get into the food or drink except what’s supposed to be there; and it’s still the world’s only single layer packaging that doesn’t require additional layers to protect its contents.

What’s more, glass has an undeniable visual and tactile appeal and lends an aura of permanence and luxury that other materials simply can’t match. Glass is also great if you want to get creative with your designs. As well as the different colours of glass that are available, there are many decorative effects to choose from nowadays such as embossing, debossing, textured surfaces, spray coating, sleeving and screen printing.

Tactile, trustworthy, hard-wearing, luxurious, flexible, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly – no wonder glass is still the first choice for food and drinks brands after all these years!

To find out more about Beatson Clark’s general sale range or bespoke design service, call: 01709 828141 or go to their website: www.beatsonclark.co.uk

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