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Sustainable packaging that won’t cost the earth

Long before the current focus on single use plastic pollution, Protega Global began developing a range of paper packaging designed to reduce courier induced breakages.

Plastic airbags had become very popular – but customers were beginning to recognise their shortcomings. Plastic airbags were not effective at absorbing shock, they moved around in transit and worst of all they were prone to burst! As a result, Protega developed a paper cushion that was both robust and easily mouldable. This was instantly popular with customers. Those who switched consistently reduced breakages by over 60 per cent compared to plastic air bags.
Protega also recognised that the paper cushion machines currently on the market were too big for most packing environments, so it created a system small enough to be located on a packing bench or integrated into packing lines overhead. The result? The most compact paper cushioning machine in the world was born, making paper cushions accessible to the most space-challenged packing area.
Since 2016, Protega has been manufacturing Protega cushion machines in the UK and last year, it introduced a paper alternative to bubblewrap – Hexcelwrap. This unique product is also very compact, quick and easy to use, reducing customer packing times significantly.
Protega is passionate about offering customers the most sustainable packaging material – paper.

And where possible, it makes sure it’s 100 per cent recycled. Paper is naturally biodegradable and easily recycled via kerbside collections allowing your customers to play their part in reducing plastic waste. Protega Global is a family run business, accredited to the ISO9000 Quality System, and the ISO14000 Environmental standard. It is also pleased to announce that it has now also achieved FSC certification which guarantees its paper is sourced responsibly!


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