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Sustainable packaging for a brighter future

Graphic Packaging International has been operating for over 100 years and believes its Sustainability Vision 2025 can make a genuine difference

At the heart of the packaging debate is a growing demand for sustainable solutions. Among suppliers, retailers and consumers, the value chain is seeing unprecedented change, with many reducing their ecological impact to ensure a brighter future for our planet.
Research from Kantar, which surveyed more than 65,000 people in 24 countries, found that 48 per cent of consumers worldwide expected manufacturers to take the lead, yet only 12 per cent of those could name a brand that’s actively tackling single-use plastic waste reduction. In comparison, only 19 per cent of consumers believe they should take responsibility for their own waste, 24 per cent believe the government should take accountability, and only seven per cent shift the onus onto retailers.
Meeting those challenges head-on is folding carton producer Graphic Packaging International (GPI). Specialising in the design and production of single and multipack cartonboard packaging, GPI is raising the bar on sustainable packaging with its recently launched innovative and unique solutions, the PaperSeal® tray range and KeelClip™.

Developed for canned beverages, KeelClip is a cartonboard packaging solution that was engineered with sustainability in mind. Its wide range of product configurations and branding potential make it a great choice for different can types and sizes.
“KeelClip is a major differentiator in today’s packaging industry,” said Steve Gould, new Product Development and Marketing Director in the European beverage division at GPI. “Some of our largest customers are beginning to make the leap to a scalable, sustainable and recyclable solution with KeelClip. Its high integrity delivers stability on pallets and on-shelf, while the robust integral finger holes make for easy carrying, meaning the whole supply chain from producer to consumer can benefit from its design.
“Our innovative design replaces plastic rings and shrinkfilm for all diameters of cans, and it runs over a highly efficient, flexible packaging system meeting the requirements of today’s high-speed canning lines.”
GPI is committed to making a difference in the world of packaging.

The company’s Sustainability Vision 2025 is focused on five pillars: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and energy consumption by 15 per cent, producing 100 per cent recyclable products and reducing low density polyethylene (LDPE) usage by 40 per cent.
To meet its vision, GPI promotes a product portfolio that emphasises renewable and recycled materials. Alongside KeelClip, the company has recently launched its new line of PaperSeal trays, offering brands and retailers the opportunity to replace modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum skin plastic (VSP) trays with a new barrier-lined cartonboard alternative.
Developed in conjunction with G. Mondini, world leaders in tray sealing technology, the new PaperSeal tray solution utilises 80-90 per cent cartonboard and 10-20 per cent film, depending on dimensions. The cartonboard is produced from renewable fibre sourced from sustainably-managed forests and the tray is designed for the film liner to be easily separated from the cartonboard after use, meaning the cartonboard portion of the tray can be recycled and contribute to a circular economy.
Paul Tye, Business Development Director at GPI said: “The unique, reinforced flange design is perfect for stacking flat and for sealing a variety of applications, including cheese, fresh or processed meat, frozen foods and more, making it a robust solution for retailers and logistics. Since a PaperSeal tray provides up to 28 days of shelf life depending on what’s inside, they enable superb product quality for consumers.”
With four global innovation centres dedicated to facilitating the innovation and design process, GPI is dedicated to thinking sustainably to deliver superior packaging.

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