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Sosense white (shiro) and red (aka) miso powder

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From the 7th century, miso has been an integral part of Japanese food culture as a natural healthy food and seasoning with added health benefits. In 1662, Arimasa Miyasaka, the 12th generation of the Miyasaka family, began brewing sake. In 1916 they started the product of miso.

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Miso is produced from rice, soybean, or barley, either singly or in combination. Sosense miso powder is the perfect combination of fermented rice and soybean. The rice is steamed cooked and after cooling is inoculated with the culture fungi, aspergillus oryzae and fermented for a period of time. The fermented rice koji is then mixed with steamed soybeans and brine, then allowed to age to develop the characteristic colour and the unique deep flavour profile. The miso is then freeze dried, creating the sosense miso powder.

For more information, call: 07786 707039, email: jm@b-investments.co.uk or visit their website: www.sosense.eu

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