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Solution to leakage

MAIN LINPACOne of the major challenges facing today’s modern food supply chain is ensuring pre-packed fresh protein products arrive on the supermarket shelf in pristine condition. Consumers want fresh, perfectly presented products at all times. However, recent research in the UK has shown that an increasing number of packs are leaking across the sliced meats, poultry and red meat categories.

This issue was also highlighted in studies carried out by the FSA.LINPAC Packaging, one of the first companies in the world to offer modified atmosphere packaging, has developed a new ‘super-strength’ tray sealing solution – Rfresh® Elite. The patented flange sealant for film lidding dramatically reduces the incidence of ‘leakers’ reaching supermarket. Manufactured from up to 97% post consumer recycled PET, the tray is recyclable alongside standard PET bottles. Reduced sealing temperatures and dwell times enable packers to increase their operational efficiency and throughput.

Burst strength of packs is increased by up to 28%.

For further information please email info@linpacpackaging.com or visit www.linpacpackaging.com 

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