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With the increased customer focus on postable items such as confectionery, drinks and gifts, UK plastic bottle manufacturers Measom Freer have developed their very own Post Bottle (Ref 6143). With a flat rectangular shape, the bottle can easily be boxed and posted through standard letterboxes, fitting the UK large letter dimensions. Made from clear PVC, which is fully recyclable, it has a capacity of 100ml with an 18mm R4 neck size. It can also be made in other plastics such as PE and PETG, with colours available to order.

Measom Freer Bottles
The Post Bottle is designed to fit within the UK Royal Mail’s Large Letter dimensions. Measom Freer provide an extensive range of Stock Plastic Bottles, Jars & Containers, used for shampoos and cosmetics.

Having achieved the BSI ISO 14001:2015 Certificate in Environmental Management last year, the company believes it has a moral duty to protect the natural environment and it is committed to minimising its global impact as a business by improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and reducing costs. It ensures its stock products are sustainable by sourcing materials such as polythene that can be readily recycled, PPR (post production regrind) is also used in all their stock products. It believes that its customers should also be offered the choice of using eco materials, like Bio-based Copolyester and rHDPE (a PCR Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE) and it offers these on a made to order basis for its products.

So if you are looking for a company that is committed to controlling its effect on the environment and produces quality products too contact their Sales Team now. Call: 0116 2881588, email: sales@measomfreer.co.uk or go to their website: www.measomfreer.co.uk

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