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Shrink wrap packaging, essential to the food industry?

As the food packaging market continues to evolve, so does the shift towards lightweight, environmentally friendly and efficient packaging. Liberty Packaging Systems (LPS), an established shrink wrap packaging machine and film supplier, supplies packaging equipment to FCCG markets and offers reliable, robust packaging equipment that maximise added value, enhance productivity and improve quality.


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As well as polyolefin, bio-degradable and degradable wrapping film can be used on its equipment.



LPS are also at the forefront of shrink wrapping technology and its latest model, the WrapMatic 240 L-sealer shrink wrap system consumes around 30 per cent less power than the industry standard whilst still offering outstanding performance. A unique feature of the WrapMatic is that it is fully automatic and doesn’t require compressed air to work. This means maintenance requirements and noise levels are reduced and speed, productivity and sealing precision are enhanced.



The robust machine can pack single or multiple items and is available in a full stainless steel version for enhanced hygiene. The highly productive system provides an adjustable pressure sealer for the more fragile products and the colour touch screen display offers a simple one-touch adjustment, where all necessary parameters, such as product size, belt speed and height can be easily entered and saved. There is storage for 250 programs and a USB port for external storage.

shrink wrap


For businesses that require a system but have limited space and resources, the smaller WrapMatic Compact comes with a built in shrink tunnel and a ‘come back’ conveyor, which is ideal for single operator use. Videos of the WrapMatic are available to view on LPS’s website – www.libertypackagingsystems.co.uk



LPS also provide a wide range of alternative wrapping systems from sleeve wrappers to small vacuum sealers. Bespoke and add-on equipment are available, helping you to create the perfect system for your needs.


Polyolefin shrink wrap has been around for over 40 years and this effective way of wrapping items in clear, plastic shrink packaging is showing no signs of slowing down. Some may question if this is having a detrimental impact on our environment, however the facts are quite the opposite. Almost all Polyolefin is recyclable, but by far the biggest environmentally friendly advantages of this multi-purpose plastic innovation is that it increases the shelf life of food products. By preventing oxygen from reaching inside, the rate of decomposition is severely reduced than if the item was loose. This also results in fewer deliveries and fewer resources needed such as water and land use.



Wrapping any item in a clear, tamper-resistant manner also enables customers to see exactly what they are purchasing and protects them from external contamination that could occur during production or transportation. Once again waste is reduced and damage is kept to a minimum.



As such there is no better alternative to using shrink wrap for the transportation, presentation and security of food which also offers an array of environmental benefits.



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