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Ship any shape

160621 ClipLokClip-Lok SimPak designs and manufactures re-usable, flat-packable plywood boxes for parts that come in all shapes and sizes. The company caters for bespoke or standard packaging and its boxes optimise packing density to provide a cost efficient, environmentally friendly solution for its customers’ logistics.  Custom design means that the company can not only make boxes to fit products and ensure safe transportation, but it also designs them to maximise efficiency for whatever means of transportation is used. The boxes can be packed, stacked and stored when not being transported. They are just 191mm high, including the pallet, when not in use. The plywood construction makes them perfect for overseas shipping as they are ISPM 15 compliant and exceptionally robust, tested for a 15 tonne compression when correctly erected.  Repeated re-use ensures that the whole life cost can be cheaper than a thin cardboard box.

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