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Selig Publishes Tamper Evident Packaging White Paper

Manufacturer of tamper evident cap and closure lining materials, Selig, has published a white paper on producing tamper-evident, easy to access packaging for the pharmaceutical sector. The white paper has been developed by experts at Selig to help manufacturers create packaging that meets the demands of not only consumers and regulators but pharmaceutical companies as well. Developing robust, secure containers that protect the integrity of products, yet provide clear visual evidence of tampering and are easy to open is a challenge that manufacturers have been struggling with for years. The Selig white paper discusses the issues faced and how these can be overcome through induction cap sealing. It also discusses the use of laminated liners in pharmaceutical applications and issues surrounding achieving an effective seal. Marketing and Service Director, Darren Dodd, said: “We have prepared this whitepaper to show manufacturers that it is possible to develop tamper-evident, easy-to-open pharmaceutical packaging by using induction cap sealing.”


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