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Say ‘Bye To Manual Work And Hello To New Technology

FMCG manufacturing and distribution companies are exposed to a challenging work environment that requires strict adherence to production and warehouse procedures due to complex regulation. This regulation applies to products, personnel controlling warehousing and production department. Traditionally these environments have been heavily reliant on paper and manual processes which can be replaced with the existing and advanced technology.

New advancements in touchscreen technology like Kiosk are helping manufacturing and distribution companies control warehousing and production tasks with intuitive interfaces that are user friendly to operate in this industry. This is because touch screens (Kiosk) present personnel with a more functional, graphic user interface that makes it easier to learn procedures and carry out multiple tasks. If your organisation needs to reduce manual processes and duplication, a fully integrated Business Management Software Solution with advanced touchscreen technology is the way to go. Herbst Software touch screen technology known as Kiosk, (How To Maintain 100% Accuracy In Stock Records Of The Business?) is taking factory floor and warehouse automation to the next level. Our solution offers your business reliable and 24/7 operation access in any environment and provides robust to ensure that your personnel and systems can keep up with the continuous demands of intake, dispatch, stock taking and production.

Click here to know more about the Kiosk Solution from Herbst Software. Also, to know more about Herbst Insight Business Management Software, a solution that makes business simple and improves your bottom line, contact sales@herbstsoftware.com, chat on our website: www.herbstsoftware.com or call us on 014509329.

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