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Saving on storage space and offering large format protection

PR 8090218559 Henry AR1HenryAR, the European trading arm of US company Henry Molded Products, has been showing off its Stakker roll cards and custom moulded packaging in the UK and Germany this spring. The roll cradles are the company’s key products, available in more than 40 different styles and sizes.


Developed more than 20 years ago, they provide producers, converters and distributors of rolls of fabrics, papers and films with a safe and economical system for vertical stacking on pallets, saving on production, warehouse and distribution costs. As custom moulded packaging in paper fibre is increasingly replacing less environmentally acceptable materials, Henry moulds large format, heavy duty deeper sections where large format protection packaging is needed. The company takes projects from start to finish with its own in-house design studio, mould making shop, slurry development and production all under one roof.


For further information please telephone 01733 810 589, email steve@stakker.eu or visit www.stakker.eu 

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