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Save on waste costs with HSM baling presses

HSM baling presses can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 95 percent: quick, easy and cost-efficient.

That means you save valuable space which would otherwise be taken up at your site. You also benefit from the generation of a secondary and valuable raw material – baled recyclable waste.

HSM builds baling presses which compress cardboard, foils or other packaging material into compact bales weighing up to 550 kg. This high degree of compression saves expensive storage space and makes transport and handling easier.

The bales have the ideal size for perfect HGV load utilisation. This saves on transport costs and increases the marketing efficiency of the bales, which the large waste disposal companies will buy from you as valuable material.

The HSM V-Press series combines the outstanding quality standards of HSM environmental technology with a high level of profitability. Due to both their performance and durability, they are the economic waste management solution par excellence: The HSM V-Press reduces costs of the most underestimated cost centre: waste disposal.

Whichever solution you decide upon, you will always choose innovative, reliable and highly efficiently technology. made in Germany, with HSM. Our competent team will accompany you as partners throughout all phases, and all around the world. From consulting and project planning, to delivery and assembly, all the way to customer service.



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