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Samuel Grant showcases Samson Nano

151211 Samuel GrantSamuel Grant exhibited its revolutionary Samson Nano palletwrapper at PPMA 2015. Launched to the market in 2014, the Samson Nano is hugely popular with clients wanting to improve their pallet wrapping operations with a faster, safer, smarter device, offering added value with a clear price-per-pallet-wrapped transparent costing system.  The machine, as well as its servicing and maintenance, are free. All clients pay for is pallets successfully wrapped. Boasting the lowest turntable height of any other available pallet wrapper, the machine delivers a high quality wrap using film stretched up to three times more than previous solutions, meaning that the device is not only effective, it is also cost-efficient and environmentally sound. The low turntable height, means that it can be installed safely anywhere, without the risk of unstable loads.

0113 270 7221   I  www.samsonnano.co.uk 

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