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Research: one in two will buy lateral flow tests

New research published today ahead of the ending of free lateral flow tests in England suggests 42 percent of adults will continue to buy the tests moving forward.

The research, conducted by consumer retail specialists Bridgethorne, indicates nearly half (47 percent) saying they will purchase test kits if they or someone in their household demonstrates symptoms or if they or someone else in their household has tested positive. Just under a quarter of those surveyed said they wouldcontinue to buy lateral flow test kits as a precaution.

Testing for workplace (whether voluntarily or compulsory) emerges as biggest single reason for continued testing (53 percent), though meeting friends and family; testing children for school or college; visits to hospitals or the doctor, and nights out were all reasons given by between a quarter and third of respondents.

When asked how frequently they intend to purchase, weekly was the response from 46 percent, followed by daily at 25 percent and monthly at 23 percent with 6 percent saying ‘less often’. Supermarkets are likely to be the main place to buy (34 percent), followed by pharmacies (25 percent) and convenience stores at 16 percent. One in four respondents said their most likely source will be online.

“These results indicate that a significant proportion of the public are not ready to go without the reassurance that testing for Covid provides,” said Andy Grout, Bridgethorne’s Head of Research. “What is interesting is the indication that buying lateral flow tests could become as much a part of our weekly supermarket shop as anything else in our trolley or basket, at least for the foreseeable future.”

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