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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Renovotec’s new customer experience centre

Leading supply chain technology specialist Renovotec is launching a new customer experience centre which blends full technology immersion with supply chain business advice.

The initiative will draw on Renovotec’s relationships with major technology providers for manufacturing, warehousing, transport, logistics, retail and other markets, and includes carefully curated workflows. Customer experiences on offer include robotics, scanners, computers, wearables and networking, plus the latest solutions from major vendors, developers and digital disruptors.

Renovotec is also offering the Centre as a ‘vital new forum for the exchange of business ideas’ by running user events and providing professional meeting and office space.

“Renovotec is now the largest consultative company in its industry and our new centre reflects that strength,” said CEO Richard Gilliard [pictured]. “It is free to use and has been launched to encourage best supply chain practice.”

Apply online at https://renovotec.com/quick-contact-form, or by calling +44(0) 1924 600 480.



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