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Reiser: leading the way

With a range of issues currently stifling the supply chain, it’s become increasingly important for food goods to last longer and be able to withstand potentially lengthier transportation times to their end destination.

Changes to consumers’ buying habits, supply chain issues and the focus on reducing waste has all lead to manufacturers looking more closely at how packaging can be used to further extend the shelf-life of their products, without compromising their appearance.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, bread ranges evolved massively in a relatively short space of time. James Fitch, Bakery Specialist at Reiser UK, said: “In the last few years, ethnic-type breads, wraps and on-the-go sandwich carriers have become increasingly popular, with a move away from typical sliced bread for sandwiches. People are wanting naan breads, pitta breads and all sorts of different carriers – and these are the products that really lend themselves to longer shelf-life packaging.”

This is where Reiser come in. By using one of their automated packaging solutions, food processors and packers can hit the above objectives, and open up new revenue streams, with the added bonus of increasing productivity and making savings on labour – a win, win!

Longer-life is advantageous for many different food types and for over 20 years, Reiser has been supplying packaging machinery into the meats, cheese, pet food and plant-based sectors.

Although innovation in packaging formats remains an ongoing process, Reiser believes it is equally important that regardless of the pack being produced, the equipment used should do so at the lowest cost of ownership, whilst providing flexibility and reliability, without compromise – future proofing your investment.

Mike Carrington, Packaging Specialist at Reiser, explained: “Both the Variovac Optimus, which is a fully formed compact thermoforming machine, and its larger brother, the Primus, offer processors and packers high quality packaging, in a variety of formats. These include vacuum flexible, semi rigid, MAP, shrink film, skin packs and multi-layer packs. All this is achieved without the high cost of ownership and complexity normally associated with thermoforming equipment.”

The full range of packaging machinery supplied by Reiser includes vacuum packers and trays sealers, with manual and semi to fully automatic machine options, providing a solution for every budget, packaging format and throughout requirement.

To view any of the range in action and assess the packing solutions available, prospective clients can visit Reiser’s Customer Centre in Milton Keynes, where they stock a wide range of pack formats for testing. These include flexible vacuum packs, semi rigid modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum skin packs and thermoformable board trays. New material types can also be assessed. Packaging tests can also be carried out in conjunction with the full range of food preparation and production equipment available from Reiser.

Mike added: “We work with all of our customers as advisors and partners to deliver the best possible solution by applying our joint know-how from the initial contact and throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.”

To find out how Reiser can help overcome your packaging challenges, speak to one of their experts today on 01908 585300 or email salesuk@reiser.com.

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