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Reinventing the plastic pot

Natupharma has launched a 100 per cent recyclable and fully biodegradable packaging solution

Natupharma has announced the availability of a ‘green’ alternative to a standard plastic pot. The patent-pending technology avoids hundreds of years of degradation in landfill or the clogging up our precious oceans.
Natupharma prides itself on finding solutions. Originally (and still) a food supplement supplier for humans and pets, the company was faced, like many, with the very real and urgent problem of how to package its products in an eco-friendly way. The Eco division of Natupharma was thus born – to provide solutions to packaging in plastic.
After significant research and testing, Natupharma came up with the idea of using a biodegradable plastic additive (PolyDegradeTM) which could be combined with sugarcane to create a “Green Plastic”.
Sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows. Whenever energy is created from natural sources that can regenerate, like sugarcane, we call them renewable energy sources. When processed correctly, sugarcane can be converted into commercially used plastic. Green Plastic is good for nature as it is both CO2 neutral and recyclable. But just as important to know is that it is equally as robust as plastic made from petroleum. This means that you can use Green Plastic to make a vast array of things with the same high quality as other plastics.

Manufacturing with Natupharma’s biodegradable plastic additive (PolyDegradeTM) will give microbes the ability to secrete acids and consume the packaging, turning them into Ch4, C02, biomass and water, in the fastest timeframe on the market – less than 10 years. Natupharma’s biodegradable additive (PolyDegradeTM) enhances the ability for microbes to consume the plastic at a much faster rate by adding in key features to the polymer. This in turn enhances the biodegradability of our plastic – doing so without any changes to the physical properties, without changes to final product’s shelf life and without an increase of resin used. Green Plastic is food approved for supplements and suitable for use in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Research shows there is a rising demand for biodegradable packaging – the market is set to grow by 10.55 per cent per annum to keep up with consumer demand and companies switching to biodegradable solution typically enjoy an increase in sales of up to 50 per cent.
All Natupharma bottles and caps are made of CO2 neutral and biodegradable polyethylene. The CO2 neutral polyethylene in combination with the compound/additive has undergone extensive testing and all packaging made from it are fully compliant with all relevant EC regulations for food contact materials – and, while the compound is called Green Plastic, don’t worry, the pots and lids are available in any colour!
So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the competition and join the ‘Green Packaging Revolution’ today.


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