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Real fruit enrichment thanks to Taura

Taura Natural Ingredients is part of International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) and is a global manufacturer of fruit pieces, flakes and pastes for cereal, bakery, snack bars and confectionery. URC fruit ingredients are made using a unique Ultra Rapid Concentration process and are designed to deliver stability, low water activity, great flavour and colour. URC fruit ingredients are a simple and delicious way to add real fruit goodness to your product innovations.

Taura – Fruit Products – October 2018

Thanks to Taura’s exclusive Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC®) process, bakery and snacking products can be enriched with pure pieces of real fruit – good news for consumers concerned about the high refined sugar content in many food products. URC technology quickly and precisely extracts moisture from the fruit to protect its integrity and create innovative real fruit materials with low water activity, high fruit content and long shelf life. As a result, this proprietary process creates shelf-stable pieces of fruit and fruit pastes that don’t require additional bulking agents, flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives … while delivering the taste and texture of real fruit.

Taura produces its fruit ingredients in a variety of formats, including pieces, flakes, pastes and shapes. Custom formulas are available, e.g. with inclusions like rice crispies or chia seeds to create surprising sensory or nutritional experiences, and organic, kosher and halal compliant formulas are possible. These premium fruit-based ingredients are typically used in fruit & vegetable snacks, nutritional bars, cereal, chocolate and bakery products.

Promising areas of innovation for Taura are on the one hand health & wellness foods and on the other hand savoury snacks. In the health & wellness segment, the fruit pastes and pieces of Taura can serve as a delivery system for active ingredients in consumer healthcare products and in healthy snacking products. Think of fruit gummies as a pleasant alternative to food supplements in pill format. In the savoury snacks segment, innovation possibilities are emerging for crisp bread, crackers, crisps and grissini. Think of tasty possibilities with tiny inclusions onion, chive, tomato etc.
The company prides itself on combining great taste with great functionality & performance in production.

For more information, call: 0032 14 25 73 00, email: service.uk@tauraurc.com or visit their website: www.tauraurc.com

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