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Raw appeal as choc-feast approaches

CHOC Chick’s Galia Orme talks raw chocolate …………………

ChocolateAs National Chocolate Week, from October 12th to 18th, draws closer, Galia Orme, founder of CHOC Chick, has been speaking about the health benefits of ethically sourced raw chocolate.

Galia, who through CHOC Chick develops raw chocolate making kits and ingredients, said: “In 2008, I discovered you can make delicious chocolates at home that are almost 100 per cent cacao and free from dairy, processed sugars, gluten and, soya additives – and guilt.

“Raw chocolate made from minimally processed or raw cacao powder and raw cacao butter is the simplest way to enjoy chocolate.

“And it’s good for us.

“Natural cocoa is full of antioxidant flavanols, magnesium, vitamins B, C and E and essential heart healthy fat. It doesn’t take long to feel the benefits. Shortly after eating raw chocolate, my energy went up, my sugar intake went down and my chocolate cravings went away completely.  

“Today, consumers demand natural and ethically sourced products. That’s why, through CHOC Chick, I buy cacao that is good for the environment – and ensure the people who grow it genuinely benefit from trading with me.

In the jungles of Ecuador, I’ve seen organic and biodynamic farming methods where multiple crops are grown together. I’ve met cooperatives of families who have farmed cacao for generations, working ethically together to produce some of the best cacao in the world alongside crops like bananas, oranges and coffee. Their methods are natural and sustainable. Their produce is abundant and beautiful.”

The UK’s biggest festival of all things chocolately, National Chocolate Week celebrates one of the country’s favourite confectionaries with a series of events throughout the seven days.

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