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Ravenwood linerless Go Rugged

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Linerless labelling specialist Ravenwood Packaging will be demonstrating the Ravenwood Packaging Linerless label solution alongside the airstream caravan and animals at its “field of our own” stand at Pro2Pac 2015. The flexible adhesive backed labels are now regularly used as the eco-friendly replacement for traditional labels that carry waste-creating backing paper. The recently launched ‘Slideable’ labels from Ravenwood are progressing well and attracting much interest in the UK and worldwide. Made from thicker materials up to 300gsm, they are unlike conventional linerless labels in that they slide on the pack allowing the customers to view the product inside.  The ‘slideable’ labels which can be produced 500mm x 200mm are ‘sleeves’ with a difference in that they come on a roll. They offer the advantages of lightweighting and automation. Also new is ‘skin pack’ labelling. The main benefit of this technology is that various products can be packed in fewer trays as the product can be applied to fit to a standard tray which can simply incorporate large and smaller items. Special material allows for ‘super-protruding’ packs to include exceptionally bulky items such as roasting joints.

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For further information please visit stand S2240,
telephone 01284 749144 or email paul@ravenwood.co.uk


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