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Qimarox takes heavier pallets to a higher level

160317 QimaroxWith the Prorunner mk10, Qimarox introduces a robust product elevator for pallets of up to 2000 kg. This product lift can transport up to 60 pallets per hour, 10m upwards. This standardised, modular product lift can be integrated into any end-of-line packaging system or storage system and can also be used in conjunction with the Highrunner mk7, Qimarox’s unique product palletiser. The Qimarox Prorunner mk10 is based on the design of the Prorunner mk9 pallet lift but features four instead of two columns, allowing it to easily transport pallets weighing up to 2000 kg. It can bridge any difference in height between 0.4 and 10 metres and is equipped with a lifting platform of 1200 x 1200 mm as standard that can be fitted with a pallet track.

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