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Packaging companies invest thousands of pounds in their printing and finishing equipment as well as paper stock – so it makes sense to invest a little more to ensure optimum performance and long life for that equipment.

Without some sort of humidity control, machines and paper stock are exposed to uncontrolled environments where climatic conditions may be changing on an hourly basis. Low humidity, for example, can draw moisture from the paper, potentially causing curling, tight edges due to shrinkage and build-up of electrostatic charge. Inevitably, this has a deleterious impact on the print process, reducing machine speeds and increasing the risk of paper jams, or affecting the gluing and sealing of materials. It may also affect the quality of the final product, harming the company’s reputation with customers. Similarly, high humidity will affect the performance of both paper and machines. Stable humidity reduces static and improves the dimensional stability of the paper, thereby avoiding these issues. The important thing is that each project requires a solution that is tailored to the particular conditions of the building and the types of machinery being used – which requires specialist knowledge of both humidity control and the challenges faced by printing and packaging companies. Humidity Solutions’ philosophy is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each project is evaluated against a number of key criteria so that the best solution is identified and, being an independent distributor, the company is able to tailor each project using the best and most appropriate solutions on the market. Humidity Solutions delivers a comprehensive, turnkey service from initial site survey to assess the environment and calculate loads, design and installation of the system through to ongoing service and maintenance, giving you peace of mind throughout the life of your equipment.

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