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Recycling packaging just got easier

Mono-polymer laminated film from Parkside makes sustainability simpler

Throughout the past decade, sustainable, flexible packaging solutions provider Parkside has delivered its popular flexible packaging solutions – including a market-leading compostable range – to customers in markets across Europe and Asia. Building on this success, Parkside developed its new ‘Sustainable 7’ strategy, refocusing its position as an innovator and bringing to market a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions developed after identifying key USPs and gaps in the flexible packaging market.

Under its Sustainable 7 product strategy, which considers factors such as responsible resourcing, product protection, and end-of-life options, Parkside continues to develop next-generation solutions for brands seeking to overcome their packaging sustainability challenges. The company uses these seven pillars of sustainability as the foundation for every project.

It was this drive to find innovative ways of solving the sustainability puzzle that led to Parkside introducing its new innovative mono-polymer laminated film, which can be placed into existing UK recycling streams – such as soft plastic recycling collection points now common in supermarkets. Manufactured from Polypropylene substrates, the mono laminate can replace non-recyclable aluminium foil and PET structures and can be used in a wide range of packaging formats, everything from flow wraps, bags, sachets and stick packs, through to pillow packs, pouches and more.

Available in duplex or triplex formats, the pioneering laminates can be produced in a range of thicknesses, with either matt or gloss finishes, all of which are suitable for full-colour printing.

Suitable for existing UK recycling stream

“Aluminium foils and PET laminates remain very popular in flexible packaging at the minute, but they lack recyclability,” explained Joshua Swann, Head of Technical at Parkside. “Our mono-polymer laminates can eliminate the need for these non-recyclable substrates and can be placed into the existing UK recycling stream once used.”

The film possesses superior gas, mineral oil, water, light and UV barrier performance to extend product shelf-life performance and reduce food waste, as well as being ideal for a wide range of food applications including coffee, soup and confectionery. The mono-polymer film can also be used in the packaging of products that require more rigorous barrier properties, such as condiments, toiletries, perfumes, medicines and alcohol.

“As a company that prides itself on driving packaging innovation, it’s important that we continue to create new solutions that address flexible packaging sustainability,” added Joshua. “The development of this laminate underlines our commitment to achieving this goal.”

The mono-polymer laminates add to Parkside’s already extensive range of sustainable packaging solutions that enable brands to address their sustainability goals and enhance their green credentials. Offering a lightweight, recyclable solution that can help reduce food waste, the innovative film fits perfectly within the pillars of Parkside’s ‘Sustainable 7’ strategy.

For more information, please visit parksideflex.com

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