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Nicotine pouch positives

While there’s an undeniable increase in people opting for nicotine alternatives across the UK, there is also a growing culture perpetuating the idea that e-cigarettes are the only reduced-risk alternative, writes Darren Griffin.

ZYN® is one of the market’s leading nicotine pouch brands and part of global manufacturer, Swedish Match, with a vision to live in a world without cigarettes. With expertise in the smoke-free nicotine industry spanning more than 150 years, ZYN continues to dedicate itself to the improvement of public health by offering reduced-risk alternatives to cigarette smokers globally.

ZYN® nicotine pouches are placed under the top lip for up to 30 minutes and benefit from being both tobacco-free and smoke-free, therefore allowing it to be enjoyed whenever and wherever needed. ZYN is available in six refreshing flavours and in four strengths varying from 1.5mg to 9mg. Having found 70 percent of nicotine pouch users opt for a strength of 9mg or higher, ZYN® recently introduced the 9mg strength in Cool Mint (our best selling flavour) to meet growing customer demands. In May 2022, following further customer research, the company then launched its Gold Sweet Tobacco flavour which is designed for nicotine users that enjoy the taste of tobacco – consequently expanding reduced-risk options even further for nicotine users.

In the UK, there’s an enormous shift in people opting for alternatives to cigarettes. However there’s a growing culture perpetuating the idea that e-cigarettes are the only reduced-risk alternative. This has been catalysed by UK authorities endorsing e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking.

We’re currently witnessing a rise in venues and even countries striving to become smoke-free, while here at home, the Government aims to ban public smoking by 2030 amongst other measures, to stamp out smoking. Therefore, at ZYN®, we’re eager to educate people on nicotine pouches being a viable option as these societal shifts come into play.

As society grows increasingly frustrated by smoking in public, a major advantage of ZYN® is its ability to be consumed without the emission of smoke imposed onto others. Our recent study of 2,000 British adults found that tolerance to public smoking continues to decline. 75 percent feel smokers should check with non-smokers beforehand, and almost half have asked smokers not to do so around them. Other benefits of using ZYN® include its discreteness when being consumed and its ability to be used without ever disrupting social gatherings. This smoke-free element can also be beneficial in the workplace where meetings or valuable discussions are disrupted by frequent cigarette breaks, or in offices that may still condone indoor vaping but might frustrate non-smoking employees.

Despite the infancy of ZYN® in the UK, societal pressures, Government legislations and a more health-conscious culture has allowed us to witness a tremendous growth in sales which follow our brand’s popularity in the USA – having sold 100 million cans last year alone.

At ZYN®, we’re also conscious of the environmental and economical frustrations people are currently facing. Our products now come in bio-based cans which are made from 90 percent renewable or recycled resources and we’re passionate about being able to reduce our climate footprint by 100 percent.

Additionally, during a cost of living crisis, and a continuous rise in cigarette sales in the UK, ZYN® presents yet another benefit of having a modest RRP of £6.50 and is consequently one of the more affordable nicotine options whilst simultaneously being a lower risk alternative for society as a whole.

For more information on ZYN visit www.zyn.com/uk/en/.

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