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New reclose packaging investment

161027 Coveris Packaging solutions provider Coveris has invested in new converter machinery to increase manufacturing capacity of reclose-style labelling in its UK flexibles division. With the installation of the Converter 530 Series 3 from ABG International, Coveris will double production of reclose labelling at its Gainsborough site. Reclose labelling is a label-film hybrid with an integrated aperture window, allowing packaging to be resealed once opened. Reclose labelling provides improved ease of use and convenient in-pack storage. Utilising barrier technology through material and adhesive selection, reclose can extend open-pack product life, slow food discolouration and maintain freshness for longer, helping to reduce food waste in the home. Offering flexibility, existing packaging designs and materials can be adapted and developed to incorporate reclose label technology line-by-line or across an entire range.

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