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New green inflatable packaging solution has the edge


Environmentally-friendly packaging manufacturer, Easypack Limited, has introduced a new ‘green’ air cushion solution to its sustainable packaging portfolio. Airspeed® edge is a compact and flexible inflatable void fill system which offers an environmentally-friendly solution for on-demand packaging. Producing lightweight, puncture resistant film, it is fast, quiet, easy to load and use.  Weighing 12kg, it is versatile for use in any packing area, hopper system or work bench.  The green-tinted film, EP-Flex™ Renew™, contains a natural organic additive that accelerates the breakdown of the film. A small amount of additive is compounded with standard film which attaches itself to the molecular polymer chains that form the plastic, dispersing it evenly. In landfill, microbes attach to the additives in the plastic, digesting and breaking down the film at an accelerated rate.
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