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Nestlé to acquire Nuun

Nestlé’s health science division is purchasing functional hydration brand Nuun.

Nuun was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2004, pioneering the separation of electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates.  Its low-sugar electrolyte tablet revolutionised the sports beverage market.  It now has a broad range of effervescent tablets and powders containing additional minerals and vitamins for energy, relaxation and overall well-being.

Amid growing consumer demand for health-driven products, Nestlé has been expanding its portfolio in the sector through a series of recent acquisitions. Last month, it agreed to buy the flagship brands of vitamins maker Bountiful Co. for $5.75 billion (US).

Greg Behar, CEO of Nestlé Health Science, said: “Everyday, health-conscious consumers are becoming more aware of how functional hydration products can add to their overall well-being as well as support them during exercise by replacing the minerals that the body loses.”

He added that “growing awareness” has been reflected in the steady growth of the category.

“Nuun is a leader in the fast-growing functional hydration category with its high-quality, clean, plant-based products.  We look forward to combining our companies’ expertise to bring Nuun to more people around the world.”

Financial details of the deal are not being disclosed but Nuun CEO Kevin Rutherford is thrilled to be taking the brand to the next level.

“Nestlé Health Science and Nuun share the same philosophy: nothing is more important than health and well-being,” he said, adding: “In joining Nestlé Health Science, Nuun will further its mission of ‘hydration that empowers the world to move more’.”

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