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Mr Lee’s Noodles

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods – the globally acclaimed, award-winning brand of gourmet instant noodles founded by Damien Lee – twice cancer survivor – have reformulated their innovative recipes by further balancing their seasoning levels, introducing generous chunks of 100% chicken breast alongside their market-leading amounts of freeze-dried veggies and proteins. The gluten-free range of 6 flavours have 2 vegan options and  comes in fully recyclable packaging. 

The brand launched with Norwegian Airlines in June and Holland and Barrett in July, following the success in Woolworths and Jetstar Airlines in Australia. The projected turnover for next year is £3.9mil.
The target market for the noodles are health conscious people, busy professionals – al desko lunch, vegans and gluten free diet followers, active and outdoorsy, travellers and busy parents who want to give a quick snack to kids after exercise.

They’re looking to expand into multiples, independent retailers, hotel chains and travel catering in the UK and abroad.

For more information, visit their website: www.mrleesnoodles.com or email info@mrleesnoodles.com

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