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Metsä Board’s state-of-the-art Excellence Centre

Growing demand for more sustainable packaging is boosting the need for new innovations. To develop solutions for packaging both today and in the future, Metsä Board opened, in 2020, its new Excellence Centre at a unique bioeconomy site in Finland.

The centre, with its cutting-edge technology, aims to accelerate material and packaging innovation and provide a collaboration platform for UK and global customers and technology partners.

The Excellence Centre includes R&D facilities, a packaging design studio, a customer feedback centre and a state-of-the art laboratory. The centre also features a virtual store and a computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool to allow sophisticated simulation and analysis of packaging performance.

Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre brings together Metsä Board’s own competencies with that of various experts and partners, such as material suppliers, technology providers, start-up companies, universities and research companies.

Virtual collaboration workshops for clients enable joint development and co-creation if physical meetings are not possible. 

Sari Pajari-Sederholm, SVP Sales and Marketing, said: “Metsä Board has also recently launched a pioneering plastic-free eco-barrier paperboard with medium barrier properties for grease and moisture resistance – MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB. It is designed to meet the food industry’s needs for sustainable packaging. As the amount of packaging continues to grow, sustainable solutions are needed to replace fossil-based materials and ensure circularity. 

She added: The Excellence Centre concept, combined with cutting edge products like our eco-barrier board, enables paperboard and packaging solutions that look at the entire value chain and optimise performance throughout the packaging lifecycle.”

For further information, contact Metsä Board for a no obligation free technical consultation, a presentation and to arrange samples.  E-mail: metsaboard.communications@metsagroup.com

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