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Mel’s back with the Bod

Melanie Sykes

TV personality star Melanie Sykes is back in a new digital advertising campaign for  Boddingtons more than 20 years after she appeared in the brand’s original TV adverts.
Launching this month, the new digital advert also sees the return of the ad’s original director, Danny Kleinman, and the same sense of nostalgia and spoof humour made famous by the bitter’s original campaign, but with a moderntwist.
Titled ‘Tour De Formby’, the campaign is a parody of a contemporary sports ad, with a nod to the brand’s famous Northern heritage. Featuring close-up shots of cycling Lycra, flexing muscles and a motivational voice-over, the viewer is initially led to believe that they are about to watch an elite cyclist embarking on an epic challenge.  It’s only when the serious tone is interrupted by Melanie’s well-known Northern accent that the viewer realises they are in fact witnessing an average, middle-aged man on a mission to transport Melanie up a steep hill in a Tuk Tuk in time for last orders – so she can enjoy a pint of Boddingtons bitter.
Melanie said: “Shooting the new ad with Danny and Boddingtons was so much fun.  It brought back really fond memories from working on the original ads, which I know hold a lot of nostalgia, not just for me but for many people. I never thought that anything could match up to the first time round, but I think this one could well be my favourite. I’m so happy with how it turned out and really can’t wait to hear what other people think.”
Aina Fuller, UK Marketing Manager, Boddingtons, said: “It’s been fantastic to reunite the old dream team of Mel, Danny and Boddingtons. We wanted to create something that captures the old magic each team member naturally brings, with the cheeky humour that Boddingtons is known and loved for.”
Currently brewed in AB InBev’s Magor, South Wales brewery, Boddingtons bitter is more than 200 years, and is now exported to 20 countries worldwide, including the US, Brazil and Japan.

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