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Mecmesin’s quality control testing for caps and closures

Defective closures negatively impact customer experience and can have an adverse effect on shelf life and product stability. Integral parts of product packaging, caps and closures come in many designs including child-resistant, tamper-evident, ROPP, crown, flip-cap, snap-cap, sports, spray and pump dispensers and cork.


As a leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque test equipment for more than 40 years, Mecmesin has the knowledge and skills to deliver test systems and instruments to meet all caps and closure requirements. Its product range is designed for implementation in both the design process and production floor environment. Catering for a range of customers from industries such as food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, through to cosmetics and personal care, its team of sales engineers are on hand to ensure that the solutions offered comply with specific industry test standards.


Whether there’s a need to measure the slip and bridge torque on tamper-evident closures, the actuation force on pump dispensers, the ‘push’ and ‘twist’ action used to open CRCs or the extraction force of corks, it has a solution. With an extensive range of accessories and custom-made fixtures available, it can meet both current and future application needs.


Implementing Mecmesin’s quality control test systems can not only save money, but enhance brand reputation by ensuring consistency of material performance, that products are fit for purpose, defects are identified (minimising rejects and improving oduction throughout) and compliance with industry standards.


Products range in size, function and capacities to meet all budgets and requirements. The company is also renowned for delivering continued technical support services.


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