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MDS is agent for world-leading producer

Metal Detection Services Limited (MDS) are based in Manchester and are the U.K. agent for CEIA SPA. CEIA are a world leading producer of Radio Frequency Equipment. The manufacturing facility is based in Arezzo in the Tuscany region of Italy.

CEIA is responsible for 75 per cent of the world’s market share of walk-through detectors in airports, as well as producing mine scanning equipment, hand scanners, shoe scanners, liquid scanners, textile scanners, underwater detection equipment, cargo scanners, sonic bath cleaning equipment, RF heat induction equipment, and of course industrial metal detection equipment. A large percentage of the parts used are manufactured in house. This allows for very high quality control standards which lead to industry leading build quality.

All the CEIA detection heads and conveyor systems are manufactured on site which is not common in the metal detection industry. The flagship of the CEIA range of industrial metal detectors is the MS21 family. The MS stands for multi spectrum. This means the MS21 detectors use multiple frequencies all at the same time. This is different to standard conventional frequency detectors, which although they can be multi or variable frequency, can only use one of these frequencies at any one time.

For further information please telephone 0161 286 8755, email sales@mds.org.uk, pete.higgins@mds.org.uk, david.hale@mds.org.uk or visit www.mds.org.uk 

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