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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Lilt rebrands in Fanta uniform

Iconic soft drink brand Lilt has been shelved after 50 years and rebranded by its owner Coca Cola.

Famously advertised for its “totally tropical taste”, Lilt will now appear in supermarkets as Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit.

“Our main priority with this announcement is to reassure Lilt’s loyal fan base that absolutely nothing has changed when it comes to the iconic taste of the drink they know and love,” said Fanta brand manager Charlotte Walsham, adding: “It’s just got itself a new name.”

An army of nostalgic fans, however, were not impressed.

“Farewell to Lilt,” said one in a tweet. “For some completely pointless reason they are rebranding it…apparently nothing is allowed to be different these days.”

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