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Last chance to gain a Pentaward trophy


Packaging designers, brand owners, packaging suppliers and students only have a few days left to show to the world their creativity by entering the awards scheme to win a Pentaward Trophy.
The Pentawards scheme is a worldwide packaging design competition. Created in January 2007, the Pentawards are recognised as prestigious worldwide competition devoted to packaging design in all its forms. They are open to all those  associated with the creation or marketing of packaging from every country in the world.Their primary mission is to increase the stature of packaging design and those who create it.
Each year, packagings from around the world are judged by an international jury comprising 12 eputed designers and packaging design directors from major companies. The jury selects the winners based on the creative quality and the marketing relevance of the works presented. Winners receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond Pentawards.
There are 55 categories, which allow any type of packaging to compete and be judged against similar creations. This means that a bottle of wine is not evaluated next to a beer, washing powder next to gardening materials, or even a bottle of perfume next to make-up.
Each year, trophies are awarded in a different city in Europe, Asia or the Americas, at an official ceremony which hosts hundreds of designers from around the world, and provides a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.
By participating in the Pentawards, packaging designers, design students, brand-owners and packaging producers have the opportunity to compare their creations to those from around the world, and have the opportunity to win a prestigious award that allows them to show the world their creativity and expertise.
In addition, the Pentawards provides them with an opportunity to strengthen the reputation of their profession.
For further details, please visit www.pentawards.org.

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