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Labels For Millennials

The need to target millennials (that is, people born between 1980 and 2000) has been a key area of interest in the marketing world for some time. However, labelling has often been overlooked as a method of engaging this key demographic.


As more and more millennials (also known as Generation Y) reach adulthood and enter the workplace, their spending power will continue to increase. So what are the central tools if you want to effectively target this group?

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Millennials are more likely to make spur-of-the-moment purchasing decisions than previous generations, even when it comes to big-ticket items such as holidays or the latest technology. This impulsiveness means that labels can be extra-powerful when marketing to today’s young people. Using eye-catching promotional labels such as Fix-a-Form multi-page labels to make your product stand out can really pay off in terms of sales to millennials.




However, it is also important to understand the best ways to trigger this kind of impulse buying. Unplanned purchases tend to be made in response to emotions, so the fact that millennials are generally a very aspirational group should come as no surprise.


They are very keen to buy into a polished and desirable lifestyle, like those that they regularly see on social media sites. You could consider branding that includes people enjoying your product as part of a broader showcase of happiness, or choosing carefully designed labels to make your item into a status symbol.

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Digital culture


As mentioned above, social media and digital connectivity are an integral part of life for millennials, many of whom are young enough to have grown up in an internet-saturated world. If your brand does not have an active presence on at least some of the main social networking sites, then this is the first thing that will need to change.


You can then use your labels to encourage purchasers to check out your online profile for more information and to get a better sense of who your company is. Using QR codes that can be scanned using a smartphone to access more exclusive content is another great strategy, as it feeds into the video game generation’s desire to make everything into a form of play.


These strategies can then play into a deeper level of engagement across your social media pages, including competitions, asking for ideas for new developments, or encouraging followers to promote the company to their friends.

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Ethical credentials


Millennials also tend to be a very socially conscious group, which means that being able to display fairtrade status or other markers of sustainability and fairness on your labels can be a major advantage.


If you go down this route, consider using colours associated with nature on your packaging, such as shades of green and brown, to play up your brands eco-friendly attributes.


You could even use your informational labels to tell the story of how your product is made, especially if you can use it to illustrate how the company provides benefits for the local community.


Fix-a-form multipage labels are a great way of providing consumers with this level of detail without overburdening the overall look of your product on the shelf. This leaves you with more space for the aspirational marketing that will grab millennials’ attention in the first place.


These techniques are all important because once millennials buy into a brand, they tend to display a high level of loyalty as consumers, which makes them a key high-value customer to target.


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