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Kite: passionate about packaging

With an impressive range of sustainable packaging products, Kite is committed to minimising our impact on the environment

As consumers grow increasingly eco-conscious, they expect the companies they deal with to operate with social responsibility at every level, from the products they offer to the materials used to package these. This has fuelled a growing awareness around sustainable practices, helping many companies realise they must take a holistic approach to sustainability and look at how they can improve across entire supply chains for optimal effect.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, Kite Packaging have been actively involved in helping their customers make better, greener packaging choices whilst improving their own operational sustainability. Having recently reaffirmed their carbon neutral status for the third consecutive year, Kite Packaging has expressly been the most fitting choice for many customers in helping them achieve their packaging-related green goals. Kite has eliminated a total of 366.55 tonnes of excess plastic to date from their customers’ packaging usage, offering equally effective corrugated and paper solutions as a replacement.

The carbon neutral company recently expanded their range of enviro-boxes, a premium single wall box. Enviro-boxes combine superior strength and durability with efficient material design thanks to their reinforced single wall construction to provide enhanced protection and quality. This particular type of box has a manufacturing process that results in a 30 percent saving in CO₂ emissions when compared to double wall boxes whilst also using 60-90 percent recycled content. In addition to this, Kite’s enviro-boxes are seven percent lighter than the standard double wall box meaning not only do companies using these boxes get to enjoy lower shipping costs, but they also reduce their carbon emissions and operate just that little bit more sustainably across their supply chain. Kite’s enviro-boxes can be used across many industries to package a vast range of goods.                  The company also recently relaunched their pallet range to ensure each category of pallet they offer, whether it be plastic, wooden or presswood, is a sustainable choice regardless of material. This has largely been driven by the growing environmental concerns following the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax and Extended Producer Responsibility. These have persuaded many to make sustainable packaging choices across the board in their organisations.

Kite Packaging offers presswood pallets which are manufactured using saw dust and recycled wood chips, and contain no traces of plastic at all. These pallets are recyclable upon disposal as well as being lightweight and having a lower carbon and shipping cost.

The company’s nestable and rackable pallets are ideal for export, made using 100 percent recycled plastic and can be recycled once they have served their purpose. Thus, these new pallets aid responsible disposal whilst feeding a circular economy which limits the creation of new plastics. They are a durable, lightweight and cheaper alternative to wooden pallets which, despite being lower in cost, provide a long-lasting solution for palletising goods that is better for the planet.

To learn more about Kite Packaging and their sustainable packaging products, visit: www.kitepackaging.co.uk.



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