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Kite has Christmas covered

Customers crave a ‘proper’ festive period: here’s how to package it with style and sustainability

The majority of businesses are experienced with preparing for peak. Yet, this year is different with the combination of supply chain issues, the increasingly volatile nature of commerce as a whole and the soaring of expectations following the unconventional Christmas of 2020.

Without the restriction of any form of lockdown, customers are reportedly more enthusiastic than ever to embrace the festive period with total retail sales predicted to rise by 1.8 percent for this quarter compared with Q4 2019. This reflects an approximate 7 percent increase from 2020.

The reopening of large crowd events such as Christmas food markets and gift fairs promise further revenue for many industries, necessitating ample held stock of takeaway food and drink packaging and point of purchase gift wrapping. Kite Packaging, the leading ecommerce packaging distributor in the UK, excels in terms of warehouse management, rapid order fulfilment and the reliable supply of professional packaging solutions to help businesses maximise their income during this golden quarter. Their expert understanding of what a successful online business requires makes them the perfect partner to a business of any size, particularly as we begin to prepare for peak.

The employee share-owned company has released a range of eco-friendly gift-wrapping options to help you create memorable unboxing experiences all while displaying total sensitivity toward the environment. These are the two main priorities of a modern customer with two-thirds considering it important that the products they buy are in recyclable packaging while simultaneously, 72 percent of American consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging design. For the retailer, Kite embeds competitive wholesale prices, space conservation and packing efficiency into the design and manufacture of their gift-wrapping products, thus appealing to the user and recipient alike.

For example, the new range of colourful shredded packaging now available through Kite’s website delivers a truly premium and personalised experience as the shades can be matched to brand colours, the scheme of the item being packaged or indeed, the season. Available in either paper or tissue depending on the weight of your products, each variety is recyclable with the tissue paper boasting domestic compostability. However, given the luxurious nature of the packaging, these items lend themselves to being reused, extending the lifetime of the materials further.

These qualities keep your company’s green credentials intact without compromising on the premium gift packaging required to compete with the best. With 61 percent of customers admitting that they are much more likely to repeat luxury purchases if the items use premium packaging, shredded tissue or paper products are invaluable when selling Christmas gifts.

Kite’s attractive void fill is as effective as an ecommerce solution as it is when used at point of purchase thanks to the durable protection it offers to the gifts being packaged. The narrow shreds of especially the shredded paper, manufactured in both ZigZag and straight cut versions, work their way into every crevice to prevent movement within the box. This reduces the chance of damages in addition to holding items in the same position they were packaged in for prime presentation. For these reasons, shredded paper and tissue are popular choices for gift hampers, though they lend themselves equally well to any businesses looking to add extra panache to stand out in the market while protecting their produce.

Both at in-person retail stores or within warehouses, efficiency is also integral to any successful operation. This concern holds particular weight given the anticipated surge in sales around Christmas, hence, it is vital to have professional packaging to cope with the increased workload. Kite’s tissue paper rolls expertly interweave the requirement for aesthetically pleasing presentation with this need for high efficiency. Complete with a mobile dispenser, these rolls are used with an intuitive pull and tear method. The integrated serrated blade is designed to give a clean edge and enable the user to acquire the coloured tissue quickly. Furthermore, this solution exemplifies sustainability through being FSC certified, acid free, 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable. The roll configuration reduces waste by allowing your company to only use the necessary amount of material without the limitations involved with purchasing individual sheets.

Kite’s environmental awareness is evident in all their product ranges, not least their takeaway food packaging; a sector that is rife with negative connotations of pollution and excess. Inverting these preconceptions, Kite supplies takeaway boxes, paper food bowls, burger boxes and pizza boxes all constructed from sustainable kraft paper or solid board that are either 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable, commercially compostable or a combination of these qualities.

As a result, no material is wasted or subjected to landfill; rather, the packaging is put back into a circular economy to promote more environmental practices. The paper food bowls and takeaway boxes feature a PE lining that prevents leaks and empowers your company to pack everything from dressed salads to pastas with plenty of sauce, once again marrying environmental consciousness with practical performance. These qualities will be sought after at festive food markets where competition is high; make certain that your packaging stands out for the right reasons.

To further illustrate Kite’s contribution to a cleaner supply chain, the food packaging range includes convenient plastic products that are comprised of recycled content and able to be recycled after use. The plastic food bowls, available in five different sizes to suit an array of dishes, are the perfect example.

The recycled PET, referred to as rPET, has the same lightweight qualities that make plastic ideally suited to comfortable consumption, economic transportation and easy storage alongside reliable water resistance, crucially, without the guilt surrounding its disposal. The containers can be stacked when empty for optimal space conservation whether that’s behind a stall at an outdoor market or in a kitchen preparing for takeaway orders.

To complement the food, Kite supply drinks cups in both paper and plastic to cater toward the differing needs of hot and cold beverages, in addition to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The paper coffee cups are made from 100 percent recyclable virgin food grade double walled paper. This means that they satisfy the sustainable, hygienic and functional requirements of this type of packaging. The dual layers offer extra protection to hands while carrying hot drinks and the previously unused raw resources ensure that the cups meet the highest standard of sanitation. The plastic pint cups similarly consist of virgin PP so that vendors can legally fill them with mulled wine, craft ale or any other alcoholic drink favoured during the festive season.

In preparation for peak in the wake of numerous supply chain disruptions, it is a good idea to begin holding more stock than usual as opposed to relying on a smooth flow of resources. That said, Kite is in the advantageous position of having very strong supplier relationships and the ability to invest in alternative solutions whenever required to acquire goods to send out to customers. Therefore, businesses that shop with Kite can look forward to a merry Christmas delivering their food and gifts to the widest audience possible with packaging that embodies the demands of the current market.



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