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Karmelle innovation helps hygiene firm shine

Karmelle’s UK-made filling, capping and labelling line has enabled Greek hygiene company Flos to increase production.

The challenge:

Established in 1995 in Serres, Greece, Flos SA manufacture a range of cleaning products for domestic and professional use.

The company invested in their first Karmelle filling, capping and labelling line in 1997.

In 2019, Flos identified a need for new liquid packaging equipment to support planned production increases. Keen to continue their partnership with Karmelle, they reached out to the team for a solution. With a range of different products (including washing-up liquids and detergents) to fill, cap and label, the system would need to be adjustable, versatile and operator-friendly.

The solution:

Karmelle designed a turnkey filling, capping and labelling line, selecting machines that would offer the production-flexibility Flos required.

Manufactured onsite in West Yorkshire, the system featured a VIPF500 6 Head Volumetric Filling Machine, a Cap Tightening Machine, a Twin Head Labelling Machine with wrap station, a Rotary Collection Table, and connecting conveyors.

After shipping the line to Greece, Karmelle engineers spent a week at Flos’ facility, installing and commissioning equipment, and providing staff training.

The process:

  • Empty containers are fed into the 6 head filling machine, which can dispense product in top, bottom and rising fill modes, depending on its properties.
  • Caps are hand-placed onto filled containers, which then pass into the KC1000A Cap Tightening Machine to be screwed on. Interchangeable tightening discs make the system suitable for both smooth and ribbed closures.
  • Containers are transported to the labelling machine, which dispenses front and back or wrap-around labels, depending on the product.
  • Filled, capped and labelled containers exit the conveyor onto a Rotary Collection Table, from which they can be packed into boxes. 

  • The result:

    The filling, capping and labelling line has enabled Flos to increase productivity, and is currently running alongside their existing Karmelle line.

    Kostas Papapanagiotou, Flos’ CEO, said: “our longstanding relationship with Karmelle meant that, when we needed to invest in new equipment, we trusted their team to develop a solution.

    “The line has helped us to scale-up production across our product range.” For more information on Karmelle Ltd, visit www.karmelle.com.
    To learn more about Flos, visit https://www.flos.gr/en/home-en/.

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